Japanese personal color anarysis.

Trans Beauty is a total beauty salon located in Japan.
It offers head spas and personal color anarysis.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Since it was introduced on YouTube, we have received many inquiries from overseas!


This page explains the reservation process and notes.
We do not actively accept customer service in English, as we are unable to express ourselves accurately.

However, thankfully, we have recently received a very large number of reservations from people who cannot speak Japanese at all.
In such cases, we use simple English expressions and a translation function to diagnose the problem.

If there is no problem, please make an appointment.

Customers from abroad.
She said she doesn’t usually do much makeup, so this time she tried the makeup of Brevet Summer Bright Summer naturally♪
Add luster to the foundation that makes your bare skin look beautiful, with a highlighter, etc.
I make a gentle impression by arching my eyebrows.
That’s nice~! And she was excited all the time.

▼Click here to make a reservation▼
Please select the menu “16タイプパーソナルカラー診断”. Estimated time required: 2 hours. 20,000 yen. If you have difficulty in making an appointment, please let us know and we will respond to you via this email. ▼email▼

We provide facial analysis online.↓
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